Matt and Bridget

Before Hannah and I were married, we received some great counsel about the ways that men and women have different needs in a relationship.  We learned that many aspects of relationship come down to the truth that women have a strong need to feel safe and men have a strong need to feel significant.  Communication, affirmation and trust are most easily realized when these needs are being met.  When I met Bridget and Matt and started to get to know them, I realized very quickly that they generously provide those feelings for each other!  Just from talking with them, hearing them talk about each other, and watching them interact, I could tell that there is nowhere Bridget would feel more safe than with Matt, and that there is nothing that matters more in the world to her than him.

Just like Callin and Camille (who are great friends with these two), Matt and Bridget basically grew up together.  Matt was great friends with Bridget’s brothers and they had a lot of friends in common.  As they grew older, their friendship grew and changed, and eventually they began dating.  That was 5 years ago now, and Matt and Bridget are now excitedly looking forward to their wedding next June!  After one unfortunate rain-out, I traveled up to Buffalo, NY on a Saturday afternoon to meet Matt and Bridget for the first time.  It was an unseasonably cool afternoon in Buffalo, but the sun broke through the clouds and provided a little extra warmth.  We shot at three different locations around the area, all of which turned out to be really great spaces to use.  Matt and Bridget were like old pros in front of the camera, and I had a terrible time trying to narrow selections down so that this post would be a reasonable length.

Matt and Bridget, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this special time in your lives. I can’t wait to celebrate with you all next June!

After shooting for a while at the first park, and getting run out by 5 full bridal parties (just kidding, but seriously), we drove to a park on an island where we found these ruined walls.  I absolutely love this location! I think we could have stayed all day!

What a good looking couple!

As much as I loved the ruins on the island park, I knew that there were some great spots along the shores of Lake Erie.  Since it was a cool day, there weren’t many people near the water.  We loved having the space to ourselves!

I love portraits and I love symmetry (I know it sounds geeky).  I love this shot!


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  • Kate

    Love them!! Great pics!!ReplyCancel

  • brenda blank

    gorgeous pix. you captured them so lovely…your words and photos make me feel like i know who they are (even tho i don’t know them personally). well done Zack!ReplyCancel

  • Sherry Phillips

    I don’t live that far from Buffalo I live in Dansville, NY. Just wanted to comment about the photo’s and this beautiful couple first of all the pictures are beautiful and as they say a picture can tell a whole story anyone can see the love these two have for each other just look at their eyes and body posture.ReplyCancel

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