Adam and Lindsay

One thing I love about photographing weddings is that they are by nature, timeless.  The covenant of marriage is one that should only be broken by death. Hence the words that have become the last line in the traditional vows.  Because of the permanent and timeless nature of weddings, preserving the memory visually feels to me like revealing the solid and joyful foundation of a relationship that will continue to grow infinitely more beautiful and wonderfully complex with time.  I know this to be true of Adam and Lindsay.  The joy that they shared on their wedding day was truly contagious, and I know that they will continue to be a blessing to those around them as husband and wife.  The images of their wedding day display a young couple and a young marriage, but as each ages with time, the promises made on this day will never change. They are timeless.

It is not unusual for wedding ceremonies to include music or singing.  Weddings are joyous occasions and we as humans delight to sing when we are glad and rejoicing. For Adam and Lindsay though, the music of their wedding day was more than just something to fill a space in the ceremony or to provide background music. Adam and Lindsay met while singing in the choir at college, and music is for them, one of the truest forms of expression.  Throughout the ceremony, friends of Lindsay and Adam led and performed beautifully.  At the reception, Adam and Lindsay sang “Thin Air” by Aqualung together, and I’m still convinced that their rendition was better than the original. (If you are friends with Adam on facebook, you can find the video on his wall. I have to admit, I’ve watched it several times.)  Adam and Lindsay’s wedding day was filled with beautiful music, and it was fitting to celebrate the faithfulness of their God, their love, and the beginning of their life together.

Adam and Lindsay entertained family and friends at Snode’s Restored Country Barn in Minerva, Ohio, which provided a beautiful and rustic atmosphere.  I absolutely loved the theme of their reception which featured Coca-Cola, bright colors, and a serve yourself candy bar.  Adam and Lindsay were driven in a  ’56 Chevy which only added to the timelessness of their celebration.  At the end of the evening, guests lit and released paper lanterns which drifted off into the countryside as the night wound down.

Adam and Lindsay, thank you so much for allowing me to help you remember your wedding day.  I feel blessed to have witnessed the start of your marriage, and to know you both!

Before the ceremony – speaking without seeing.

I absolutely love this one of you two!

Singing together as husband and wife.

I’ve been planning to write a blog post on “important” images – split seconds in time that carry significant emotional weight and beauty. Lindsay’s dance with her father provided a few of the more important images that I have taken.  Mr. Brothers, your love for your daughter is evident in both the pain and the joy of giving her away in marriage.  May this new season be a joyous one for you as well!

Love this, Lindsay!

When I saw this image, I realized that it really could have been a snapshot from 1956.  So, even though it’s out of character for me, I decided to do in about 10 minutes what instagram could have done in a split second.  Enjoy!

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  • Adam

    These pictures are fantastic, Zach! So excited to get my hands on the rest of them! Thanks so much for capturing our special day and for keeping things moving along so well. Couldn’t have done it without you. I hope and pray that your photography business continues to thrive and grow in Pittsburgh and beyond. You truly are deserving of that success.ReplyCancel

  • David Brothers

    Very well done Zack! Thank you very much and God bless.ReplyCancel

  • Ron Rittenhouse

    Nice job Zack Adam and Lindsay look really great.ReplyCancel

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